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 Global Rules of (M)-Worlds

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Global Rules of (M)-Worlds Empty
PostSubject: Global Rules of (M)-Worlds   Global Rules of (M)-Worlds Icon_minitime1Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:24 pm


1. We don't allow sexually orientated, abusive, hateful, slanderous, or threatening material which breaks child safety except on the defined forums(all who need to remove the section update in user cp)
2. Users must not flood board with unwanted/useless words.
]4. Don't try to spam here,its the end of Spam works.
4. Don't try to hack user passwords by posting useless links or making fake website.
5. Don't abuse forum tools.
6. You must agree that forum staff having permission to interact inane abusive works,they may edit,hide,remove,lock your posts or may ban,suspend,punish,lockyour account if you found to be not perfect for forum.
7. Use only filehost links to share your files(*).
8. We don't allow to link to other forums/sites except file hosting sites.
9. While sharing make sure that your file url/filename not contains other forum names.
10. Don't repost topics.
11. Be friendly to all users.
* - Contact Admin for more info.
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Global Rules of (M)-Worlds
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