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 9 WaYs To LiVe HaPpY

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PostSubject: 9 WaYs To LiVe HaPpY   9 WaYs To LiVe HaPpY Icon_minitime1Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:41 am

1 - Live to relax!
2 - Love your bed, it is your temple!
3 - Relax in the day, so that you can sleep at night!
4 - Work is holy, so don't attack it!
5 - Don't do something tomorrow, that you can do the day afterwards!
6 - Work as little as possible. Let the others do what needs to be done!
7 - Don't worry, nobody died from doing nothing, but you could get
hurt at work!
8 - If you feel like doing work, sit downand wait until that
feeling goes away!
9 - Don't forget: working is healthy! So leave it for the sick people!
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9 WaYs To LiVe HaPpY
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